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At the core of the WSD annual subscription service lies our unique and extensive database - which includes steel pricing series for many products and countries; steel demand trends and activity levels in steel-consuming industries; capacity changes for steelmaking, blast furnace, cokemaking, steel scrap substitute and selected finishing mills; effective steelmaking capacity versus nameplate capacity; detailed production costs by process for cokemaking, blast furnaces, steelmaking, casting, hot-rolled band, cold-rolled coil and wire rod; steel company profit, balance sheet and profit forecasts; and a host of other items. This, combined with our unprecedented access to key players in the steel industry the world over - which provides us with ongoing crosschecks on critical developments and our special analytical methods - which seek to permit us to better understand the factors that may cause shifts in the "pricing power" of the steel mills (relative to their competitors, customers and suppliers) positions WSD as the world's leading information service covering the steel industry.

An annual subscription to the WSD Information Service is comprised of four fundamental products:

Included in annual WSD subscription

Date Report Title
Nov 17Core Report: Global Steel Mill Product Matrix. 2004 to 2015
Nov 17Core Report: Financial Dynamics of International Steelmakers
Oct 17Core Report: Chinese Steel
Jul 16Steel Success Strategies XXXI Conference Proceedings
Jul 16Iranian Steel: Ambition, Potential, Reality
May 16Chinese Steel. More Evidence of Slower Growth
Mar 16Financial Dynamics of International Steelmakers
Jan 16Global Steel Mill Product Matrix. 2001 to 2013, 2020 Forecast
Aug 15Steel Success Strategies Conference Proceedings
May 15Chinese Steel: More Evidence of Slower Growth
Feb 15Financial Dynamics of International Steelmakers
Sep 14Global Steelmaking Capacity Update
Aug 14Global Steel Mill Product Matrix: 2000 to 2012, 2020 Forecast
Jul 14Steel Success Strategies Conference Proceedings
May 14Chinese Steel: More Evidence of Slower Future Growth
Mar 14Steel Success Strategies Conference Proceedings
Feb 14Financial Dynamics of International Steel Makers
Jul 13Steel Success Strategies Conference Proceedings
Jun 13Global Steel Mill Product Matrix: 1999 to 2011, 2020 Forecast
May 13Chinese Steel Hits the Great Wall IV
Mar 13Steel Success Strategies Conference Proceedings
Feb 13Financial Dynamics of International Steel Makers
Nov 12Global Steel Product Matrix: 1998 to 2010. 2020 Forecast
Jul 12Indian Steel: Attack of the Tigers
Jul 12Steel Success Strategies Conference Proceedings
May 12Financial Dynamics of International Steelmakers
Feb 12Chinese Steel Hits the Great Wall III
Nov 11Steel Success Strategies: Europe IX Conference Proceedings
Nov 10Cyclone #4
Feb 10North American Iron Ore - Consolidated Survival
Jul 08Global Steel Export Pricing Forecast to 2018
Mar 08Global Steel Capacity Outlook
Feb 07Ternium: The Latin Dragon

Included in annual WSD subscription

This 400-page document brings together World Steel Dynamics' vast database and original analyses in a subject-by-subject format. Overview section examines key forces, probabilities of events, new trends, makes 5-10 year integrated forecasts, and provides a detailed commentary on a wide number of subjects.

Latest issue: Jan, 2018 - Steel Strategist #43 - Climate Change: Global industry conditions heat up

The "Early Warning System" That Works

WSD's "early warning system" is a series of reports published on a rotational basis. They are based on: a) extensive marketplace feedback; b) our comprehensive monthly database for shipments, imports and exports for flat and long products by country and region; c) our global metallics balances system; and d) our effective steelmaking operating rates by country. We employ special analytical methodologies and are determined to always see the industry with "new eyes." WSD's staff has more than 200 years of aggregated experience in studying the industry. Access to information from contacts globally is unprecedented.

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