Meet The World Steel Dynamics® Team
Peter F. Marcus, a steel securities analyst, is founder of World Steel Dynamics and a consultant to the steel industry. He began his career on Wall Street in 1961 with L.F. Rothschild & Co. In early 1999, after 28 years at PaineWebber, Peter with his World Steel Dynamics staff formed their own separate and independent company. Peter graduated from Cornell University in 1960 and received a MBA from New York University in 1965.

Peter F. Marcus
Managing Partner
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Karlis M. Kirsis, has researched the steel industry for more than 35 years, since 1978 in partnership with Peter Marcus. Karlis is responsible for coordinating WSD's business, publishing and marketing operations. He oversees the research projects of its staff and authors his own studies. Karlis has an engineering degree from Northeastern University and a MBA from the Columbia Business School

Karlis M. Kirsis
Managing Partner
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Philipp Englin joined World Steel Dynamics in 2008 and has been developing the WSD Global Steel Information System - a suite of strategic information tools aimed at capturing and modeling key aspects of the global steel industry. Phillip is also the point man on WSD's consulting work. Philipp's introduction to the steel industry came as a member of Emerson Electric's steel procurement team where he was responsible for closely tracking global market developments. Mr. Englin holds bachelors degrees in mechanical engineering & philosophy from Carnegie Mellon University and a master's degree in business administration from the University of Pittsburgh.

Philipp Englin
Chief Executive Officer
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Patrick A. McCormick, a commercial veteran of global steel buying, joined World Steel Dynamics in 2006. Pat has previously held various engineering and procurement management positions during his 30-year career at Emerson. His specializations are global strategy development, supplier relationship management, and industry analysis. Pat is a member of the Institute of Supply Chain Management and holds a MBA from Washington University.

Patrick A. McCormick
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The Rest of The World Steel Dynamics Team
Yasuyuki Mogami
Managing Partner
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Noboru Uchida
Senior Director
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Liu Jinghai
Director of Chinese Research
(201) 503-0912
Michael T. Jones
Director of Software Development
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John Michael Villa
Research Strategist
(201) 503-0911
Mr. Zhang Chang An
Grassroots Investigator in China
The World Steel Exchange Marketing (WSEM) Team
John Conheeney
President (WSEM)
(201) 503-0922
Michael Marley
Vice President (WSEM)
(201) 503-0914
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