Date : November 8 - 10

Location : Meliá Milano | Milan, Italy

The steel markets continue to face crosswinds: previous high prices have been replaced with surpluses as car manufacturing slowed and infrastructure investments take their time moving from law to actual spend. Global supply chain disruptions have caused many companies to shift from just-in-time to just-in-case inventory management. And all of this is playing out against the backdrop of decarbonization.

Steel Europe is a unique forum where policy, finance, and steelmaking itself are discussed and debated, giving you a front-row seat to the critical issues of the day.

World Steel Dynamics’ European Steel Conference is a global steel industry executive event focused on the strategic landscape for the European producers. The conference will be highlighted by key executives from Europe’s top steel companies and senior representatives from key global steelmakers.

The program will focus on the unique conditions facing the European industry including:

  • Sustainability amid energy uncertainty
  • Evolving global trade patterns, and
  • The economic outlook amid increasing recessionary fears.

Key experts from outside of the steel industry will be called upon to provide opinions on the future market for green steel products, the economic outlook, and evolving energy markets.


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DeadlineJuly 28, 2023Sep. 8, 2023Nov. 10, 2023
1 Delegate$1,000$1,200$1,500
2 Delegates$850 each$1,020 each$1,275 each
3 or more Delegates$750 each$900 each$1,125 each

WSD European Steel Conference - 2023 - Speakers



WSD European Steel Conference - 2023 - Sponsors

WSD European Steel Conference - 2023 - Program

European Steel Conference Day 1

Wednesday, November 8, 2023


6:00 PM

Welcome Cocktail Reception & Networking Event

European Steel Conference Day 1 - SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Thursday, November 9, 2023

8:00 AM

Registration desk opens


Networking Breakfast TBA

8:30 AM

Welcome Presentation
Philipp Englin and John Lichtenstein, World Steel Dynamics


Keynote Presentation


Coffee and Networking Break


Keynote Presentation


Panel 1: International Steel: Re-approaching a Rapidly Evolving Global Marketplace

Description: Executive representatives from steelmakers around the world will discuss the evolving environment for global trade and the ultimate impact on European steelmakers. Key considerations will be the impact of the War in Ukraine, environmental protectionism, and the impact of soaring global inflation


12:00 PM



Keynote Presentation – TBA


Panel 2: Raw Materials: Upstream Supply Chains Under Green Pressure

Description: European steelmakers have announced ambitious plans to radically reduce carbon emissions from their operations. This discussion will focus on the proposed impact on upstream providers to the steel industry. Will the availability of prime grade scrap be plentiful enough? Is there ample supply of DR-grade pellets for the 15 million tons of proposed DRI capacity in the EU? Will energy prices and availability of green electricity sources be able to sustain European steelmakers ambitions?  


Coffee and Networking Break


Critical Insights: Energy Crisis in Europe and the Impact on Future ESG Ambitions
Description: As natural gas and electricity prices shatter previous all-time highs, both the immediate and long-term effect on European steelmaking and manufacturing will be examined. How will distress in European energy markets impact future ESG plans? Will this moment cause an acceleration of innovation or result in a pause in the pursuit of carbon reduction?


Technology Panel 1: Industrial Gas

Description: Leading executives from top industrial gas producing companies will discuss the roll their companies will play in reducing the steel industry’s overall carbon footprint.  The discussion will focus on their company’s efforts to develop industrial scaled hydrogen making facilities—a critical technology for eliminating carbon fuels from the steelmaking process.


Technology Panel 2: Steel Equipment Manufacturers

Description: Top equipment manufacturers will discuss the latest innovations in steelmaking technology. Their presentations will focus on the modernization of the steelmaking process and its necessity to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.


Technology Panel 3: Steel industry Digitization

Description: Technology companies will discuss the benefits of innovative software for improving the efficiency of global steelmaking operations.


Cocktail Reception

Day 3

Friday, November 10, 2023

8:30 AM

Networking Breakfast 


Headline Presentation – TBA


European Economic Outlook


Coffee and Networking Break


Panel 3: Carbonless Steel and the Sustainability Challenge


Description: Key sustainability leaders from Europe’s top steel companies will discuss their company’s plans to reduce their facilities carbon footprints. In the context of the current economic and geo-political climate, panelist will discuss the necessity and feasibility of their current plans and discuss how this transformation should impact future European policy and the continent’s relationships with the rest of the global industry.






End of Conference