World Steel Dynamics publishes in-depth reports focused on market analysis, supply and demand trends, price forecasts, economic activity levels, and strategic industry developments on a monthly basis. Based on our extensive data systems, coupled with our in-depth market knowledge, we confidently report of the factors that may cause shifts in the “pricing power” of the steel mills. These capabilities position WSD as the world’s leading information service provider covering the global steel industry.

Inside Track

Published 10 – 12 times per year, WSD’s Inside Track reports include global steel market outlook, market dynamics, price forecasting with a 3 month to 10 year outlook.

WSD offers a uniquely integrated perspective incorporating global macro-economic and geo-political events with industry-specific dynamics such as pricing, inventory management, supply/demand, production cost/price (i.e. profit) fluctuations and other key drivers of the market outlook.

At the core of the WSD annual subscription service lies our unique and extensive database – which includes steel pricing series for many products and countries; steel demand trends and activity levels in steel-consuming industries; capacity changes for steelmaking, blast furnace, cokemaking, steel scrap substitute and selected finishing mills; effective steelmaking capacity versus nameplate capacity; detailed production costs by process for cokemaking, blast furnaces, steelmaking, casting, hot-rolled band, cold-rolled coil and wire rod; steel company historical profit, balance sheet data and profit forecasts; and a host of other items. This, combined with our unprecedented access to key players in the steel industry the world over – which provides us with ongoing crosschecks on critical developments and our special analytical methods – which seek to permit us to better understand the factors that may cause shifts in the “pricing power” of the steel mills (relative to their competitors, customers and suppliers), positions WSD as the world’s leading information service covering the steel industry.

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Over the Cycle Annual Report

Published every December, WSD’s “Over-the-Cycle” Annual price forecast Report is included in your subscription.  This report aims to bring together WSD’s macro industry views to forecast prices for key steel products and raw materials on a rolling 10-year time horizon.  WSD’s unique probability-weighted approach offers perspective for prices under various industry conditions, yielding an overall “Average” figure over the time frame.  

The annual report includes but is not limited to:

  • 10 year forecast
  • Review of past year with updated projections
  • Updated WSD views on “breakthrough” industry trends
  • Macro-Economic Outlook
  • Update on impact of global supply/demand
  • Updates on regional supply/demand and prices

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