WSD is pleased to introduce USA Steel Dynamics – an extensive data, analytics, forecasting and industry news service that seeks to provide a comprehensive outlook of the USA steel sheet market on a near and long-term basis.

With our reports, industry news, pricing and data package, you will have access to first-hand insights into the factors driving USA steel demand, supply, pricing dynamics, and industry profitability.

This information will help you plan your strategy, budget for the short, medium, and long term, and ensure that your business will stay ahead of the curve.


USA Steel Dynamics Deliverables:

  1. Forecasting Reports (Published Twice Monthly) including:
  • Detailed analysis covering the current economic and steel industry-specific environment affecting the USA steel market. WSD Commentary will connect the key Macro/Micro-factors with the latest industry developments to paint a clear picture of the market outlook.
  • WSD will break down its proprietary Index of Steel Consuming Activity (IDX) to provide industry-by-industry accounts of current demand conditions in the U.S. market:
    • Automotive
    • Construction
    • Oil & Gas
    • Appliances

  • Pricing Forecasts:
    • Each monthly report will include a forecast of prices on a rolling 5-quarter basis (monthly figures for immediate-term quarter, quarterly figures thereafter).
      • Sheet Steel for HRC, CRC and Hot Dip Galvanized
      • Steel Scrap
      • Rebar starting in January 2024
    • Current production, trade, and operational statistics will be presented in unique and informative formats.
    • Economic, financial, and global news will be analyzed to provide a comprehensive opinion regarding the health, risks, and outlook for the U.S. steel industry.

  • Demand, Trade and Shipment forecasts.
    • Key Drivers of Flat Rolled Consumption
    • Each report will include a 5-quarter outlook into product-level demand, production, pricing, and trade.
    • USA Supply-Demand Balance, Hot Strip Mill (HSM) Utilization breakdown.
  • Our forecasts are derived from various indicators including:
    • Economic Indicators with 35 data criteria
    • Steel Sheet Indicators for the following Vertical Industries

  • Industry Cost Monitor:
    • Cost analysis for Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) producers based on WSD’s monthly World Cost Curve for Sheet Products.
    • Utilizing the cost figures for Hot Rolled Coil, WSD benchmarks theoretical mill profitability.
    • Monitoring of the price “floor” and “ceiling” for steel prices over the economic cycle

2.  Industry News: Delivered twice per week (Tuesday and Thursday)

Our comprehensive news service will cover the industry and steel market developments that matter most, providing our expert opinion on their impact to the USA steel supply chain (particularly as it pertains to movements in pricing and demand).

  3.  Steel and Scrap Pricing Data, brought to you by SteelBenchmarker™ Delivered Twice per month

SteelBenchmarker™ is a global steel benchmark pricing system for use by steel industry participants. The products covered include hot-rolled band, cold-rolled coil, standard plate and rebar. The regions for these prices are the United States, Western Europe, and the world export market. Additionally, there are benchmark prices for steel scrap in the United States.

Your annual subscription includes our pricing data that is delivered to your email twice per month:

  • Benchmark prices are the most wide-ranging in the industry.
  • Over 15 years of historical pricing data
  • 950 providers, including steel buyers, sellers and users.
  • Twice-per-month benchmark pricing data:
    • Hot-rolled band
    • Cold-rolled coil
    • Galvanized
    • Shredded scrap
    • #1 Heavy melting scrap
    • #1 Busheling scrap
  • Providers and pricing assessment inputs are anonymous.
  • In compliance with USA & EU anti-trust and competition laws.

  4.  Data Excel Package: (Updated Monthly)

Subscribers receive access to the data in the report to enable customization as-needed.  Data included in the package:




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